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Why The Purpose United Project Works

Why it Works

Let’s sum it up with some very well-known examples. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, is worth $30 billion today because he harvested his Facebook community’s hidden value, thereby enriching himself and his initial investors. When Twitter went public it became a $40 billion company the very moment its stock was traded on the NYSE… this story has been repeated over and over throughout the last few years with other social media companies.

The hidden value in these social media companies is their population (community) of users. The value is in the advertising revenue generated from companies that want to have their marketing messages exposed to the population of loyal users that frequent the Facebook and Twitter online and mobile platforms.

What would happen if the advertising dollars generated from these online communities went to bettering our world through funding worthy Causes rather than making just a few people ridiculously wealthy? Introducing: The Purpose United Project! Make a difference by simply being you… join the Purpose United Project community today. 

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