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Purpose United Project | New Bibles For Sunday SchoolPurpose United Project

New Bibles For Sunday School

By Bethel Christian Fellowship

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We would like to be able to supply each child with their very own bible in our Sunday school program.  You donation would go to purchase new bibles that we can give to the children when they enroll in our Sunday school program.

The word Bethel means “The House of God”. But we’re not just a pretty building in Rochester, NY. Bethel is YOU…where God resides.
Simply put, we’re a people who love God – a multi-racial, cultural, and generational church in the heart of the city’s Arts District. We come as we are, imperfect, in jeans, business casual, sporting a tie, or our best dress, excited to celebrate our God.


The Bible
– It is God’s Word, written by the Holy Spirit through men; a written testament of His love, His story, and His plan for each of us
– Shows us what is truth, how to live by it, and the life worth living
God Himself
– There is one, living God and He created all things
– He was real, is real, and will be real forever; He is eternal
– He exists in three distinct persons (the Trinity): God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ
– Jesus Christ is the God-man, truly God AND truly man
– His supernatural birth was brought about by the Holy Spirit overshadowing a virgin named Mary
– As He grew, He was faced with many temptations, just like you and me, but never sinned
– He performed many miracles
– He willingly gave His life, to die upon a cross, for the sake of cancelling our debt of sin
– His blood sacrifice, according to God’s law, was the only means by which our debt could be paid
– On the third day He physically rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven, taking His place beside Father God
– One day He will return to earth in power and glory
We Believe
– That everyone is guilty of sin
– To avoid eternal separation from God (Hell – a place created for Satan and his demons) we need to receive His gift of salvation through faith in the shed blood of Jesus
– The Holy Spirit came to earth when Jesus went to heaven
– They Holy Spirit (third person in the Trinity) lives in the hearts of those who ask Him
– Those who believe Jesus is the son of God, and the second person of the Trinity, are saved from eternal separation and may enter eternal life with God
– It is the mission of the church to go to all the world and make disciples of all nations

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