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    Generate new revenue that can let you enhance and expand your causes mission.


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    Cultivating new supporters is important in generating the needed revenue to enhance your mission.


Sign up today and generate funding to support your mission!

Benefits of PUP for Causes

The PUP Community of chosen Causes will benefit in many ways from being part of the Purpose United Project:

  1. First, PUP registered Causes will enjoy a perpetual funding stream every month that is proportional to the PUP total population and the specific number of individuals who join the Purpose United Project community and pick that Cause as one of their chosen Causes. The total pool of funds will be divided and distributed to Causes this way every month.
  2. Second, PUP registered Causes that encourage businesses to support the Purpose United Projectand choose to sponsor their specific cause, will receive an additional monthly funding stream equal to a set percentage of each sponsoring business’s monthly inclusion fees.
  3. Third, PUP registered Causes will enjoy the benefits of “added awareness” to their Cause as a result of:
    1. Professionally written SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) articles highlight each chosen Cause and their business sponsors.  These articles provide searchers and viewers with a better understanding of each Cause’s mission. By highlighting marketing content, pictures, video, other support motivating material, as well as links to their websites, readers will become more engaged.
    2. Current Cause supporters who are motivated to evangelize their chosen Cause to personal and business connections can encourage new membership and new supporters of the Purpose United Project to sponsor their Cause. This can create many additional supporters for each Cause, and many additional people who will begin “Living….on Purpose”.
  4. Fourth, PUP registered Causes have full and free access to the PUP online Community Events Calendars to post their own special events for public viewing and invitation.

Sign up today and generate funding to support your mission!

Why it Works:

Let’s sum it up with one very well-known example. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, is worth $40 billion today because he harvested his Facebook community’s hidden value and kept it all for himself and his initial investors. As a matter of fact, Twitter just went public and became a $40 billion company the very moment its stock was traded on the NYSE.

The hidden value in these two famous companies was their population (community) of users. The value is in the advertising revenue generated from ad sales to companies that want to have their marketing messages exposed to the population of loyal users that frequent the Facebook and Twitter online and mobile platforms.

What would happen if the advertising money generated from these online communities went to bettering our world through funding worthy Causes rather than making just a few people ridiculously wealthy? The Purpose United Project is what would happen! So, make a difference by simply being you… join the Purpose United Project community today.

World Benefits –

By creating an ever-growing community of caring people, supportive businesses, and well-funded Causes, we begin to do our part in making this world a better place.

“Living….on Purpose”.  Make a Difference.

Together, WE CAN…

Purpose United Project – “Uniting the Power of People that Care”